Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Random Thoughts

This thing called ANWR

It should not surprise anyone but the Dems and RINO's (Republicans is Name Only) were able to fillbuster a defense spending bill just because ANWR was part of the package. The left at large does not WANT us to cut the cord regarding the middle east oil (or be unable to use at all). The left and its Enviormentalist jerks they serve wants us to go to "renewable energy" but yet they keep attacking the one thing that could make "renewable energy" possible...THE FREE MARKET!!! They keep attacking the oil companies who are the bad guys but maybe JUST MAYBE if you let these OIL COMPANIES do what they do best. To go as one company says in their recent commericals "Beyond Petroleum."

Right now we are not able to go beyond petroleum, so what is the real motvite behind preventing ANWR being drilled. Its just one little area of space for goodness sake, but the enviors and the media show you otherwise.

Expect Gas Prices to keep going up and up, and you can thank your friendly neighborhood enviormentalist activist along with the Democrats and guttless Republicans for making this possible.

One little dirty secret...The Euro's pay much more for Gas than we do. More taxes more goverment etc etc is the reason for this.

Story from FOX News/AP

I.D. Code Word for Creationism

Can the Dobsonites (fans of James Dobson and his Focus on the Family outfit) just bow down and surender this fight over "creationism" in the Goverment Schools? Everytime that an attempt at Creationism is brought in (the key word now is "Intelligent Design") to the Goverment Schools those who push for it usally get the boot, mostly from the local voters. Yes you can say that evolution has gaps in it, but ID is taken on "faith" and NOT Science. Sure maybe someone in a green suit with big eyes came to Earth and somehow was able to create something on Earth (only wanting to blow up it later because he can't see Venus).

Lets face facts people. The people who bush I.D. are not thinking about a Looney Tune named Marvin. They have a believe in a God in mind when it comes to pushing this and that is what it comes down to. I don't think people need to panic over the teaching of evolution. It does not nesscary affirm or deny that someone or something created the universe. Evolution for the moment is the best thing we have regarding how we came to be. Science overall explains how things work and how it came to be, and should not be based on something that may or may not be their that you have to take it on faith.

Story from FOX News

For the record the judge is a righty and church going man, and James Dobson cries fowl over activist judges. Only if they don't rule in his favor, now if their are "activist judges" that do rule in Dobson's favor well that's different.


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