Friday, March 24, 2006

Never Mind Bush, Its Jimmy Carter that Needs to be Censure

Since the unofficial Democrat Party PR machine (a.k.a the Old Establishment Media) will continue the praise the efforts of man who has never saw a Marxist/Socialist and/or Islamic Dictator that he has despised, and do all they can to destroy a man who is trying to fight terrorism a few freedom loving people have taken a stand and called for a Censuring of their own.

Radio talk show host Melanie Morgan from KSFO-AM (San Francisco) has called for the censuring of former President Jimmy Carter and for a good reason. Anyone who has followed Carter knows that this man has given aid, comfort, and above all SUPPORT to America's enemies. On top that Carter continues to undermine American's International Policy which puts American in greater danger.

This man did so many things that George McGoven only dreamed of doing. If you can't see the fact that many Democrats are in bed with Marxist/Socialist-Communist then nothing will.

Meanwhile Russ Finegold is doing things only someone with strong socialist tendencies would do. Try to get rid of man who defend us from enemies, and on top of that regulate the media and help 'Louise the Ripper' from New York get that rotten "Fairness Doctrine" so that no one will question the intentions of the caring and compassionate Democrats (which they are neither). I wish the whole Democrat Party got censured...but anyway.

Click here to read Melanie Morgan's piece regarding her Censure Jimmy Carter Campaign

Agree with Censuring Carter but don't want to read Morgan's piece??? Click here to go directly to the Censure Carter website via my Blog


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