Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Must Read comments on Walter Reed and the future of Health Care today.

Bill Clinton on Iran.

Bill Maher: Better If Cheney Is Dead. The Hard Leftys are truly showing who the real bigots are...THEM!!!

Well at least someone in the UK is getting a message counter to Al Gore's Global Warming properganda out, and will been seen on UK TV. Channel 4 that is...BBC One through Four??? FORGET IT!!!

George Will talks about the coming backlash against the Clinton's. Its about time but we still need to watch Barack Obama people. He is no different.

Do what Johnny McCain says and NOT what he does. This is a classic example. Hello his named was tied to a bill by Socialist Russ Finegold that was to clean things up in politics??? Only helped George Sorros and other rich leftys stifle people like you and me.

Busniness Week's interview with Clarence Thomas.

Dinesh D Souza says bring on the Vietnam compareism skisms. We do have interests in Iraq baby and these socialists want to take that away and give America another black eye.

Star Parker talks about both sides on how the deal with the issue of Poverty. We throw so much money and yet we have not won this war.

How Mr. Smith turns into another shady jerk (my words). Robert Novak looks at John Thune U.S. Senator from South Dakota.


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