Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Hugh Hewitt attacks Michael Savage

I just a call from my friend Ron telling me that Hugh Hewitt attack Michael Savage on Hewitt's own talk show.

Ron has been telling me that Savage is just doing it for the money. Well I could say the same thing about Rush, Sean, and Dr. Laura as well, and to a lesser degree Hewitt. Go to Rush's site and you see that you can buy Rush products other than his publication "The Limbaugh Letter." Savage has some stuff too but his website is still second rate unlike the Godfather of Talk Radio, and I do respect the Godfather. Even I listen to him once in awhile.

Hewitt wrote a book this year called "If Its Not Close They Can't Cheat" in which he tells his readers why its important to make sure the Republican party wins time and again. Yes Hewitt is one of those "Stepford" talk shows as WOR Radio's Lionel likes to call them. I will continue to share Hewitt's pieces here on my blog and I will listen to what he has to say, but hey I will continue to listen to Savage over Hewitt.

Maybe Hewitt is mad that Savage gets more stations than he does and how his own distributor Salem clears Savage live over Hewitt on their own stations when the company is able to. Savage is heard live on Salem stations in San Antonio, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth. He is also heard on Salem stations in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Los Angeles, and Denver although he is tape delayed in these respected markets in favor of Hewitt.

I don't agree with everything Savage says. I do agree with his main points regarding what his Paul Revere Society believes in. Until proven otherwise I will side with Savage regarding his stands and being critical of what the Republican party does. We need talk show hosts that do not drink the Kool-Aid of either political party. Who else links the video's of those beheading anyway??? Yes Savage has to guts to guide you to these sites.

I will say this one of these days the Republicans will one day become so weak that it can't fight no more. It needs to put its foot down when it comes to standing up to the Democrats. The GOP has been giving the Dems an olive branch for so long. The Dems keeps stabbing them in the back. The Dems will not back down from what they believe in and they are much meaner than the GOP.

Lionel says he is tried of talk radio. I wonder why. Oh well at least you still have other talkers that do their own thinking more less. Neal Boortz out of Atlanta (Right leaning but has a libertarian bent), Mike Rosen from Denver (He admits he is a Republican but still does his own thinking), also doing local talk in Denver and I like Gunny Bob Newman (believes God is a female), and John Caldara (another libertarian).

We truly do need talkers right and left that call it how they see it and not what the Republicans and Democrats say.


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