Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Morning News & Commentary

Blast at U.S. Base in Mosul, Many Casualties

Tony Blair Pays Surprise Visit to Baghdad

Group Says FBI Ruse Used at Guantanamo

Poll: Americans' Support for Iraq War Slipping (The Socialists must be smiling now. Cause it may be Vietnam all over again)

U.S. Seeking Talks with Iran or so an Iran Official says

U.S. Airstrikes Kill Four in Iraq's Hit (Hit is a town in Iraq)

Is a British charity a front for Hamas?

Funeral Set for Mom Whose Baby Was Taken

The Drug Aleve is put on the hot seat

FDA Chief: Keeping Options Open on Naproxen

Weak Holiday Sales Prompt More Discounts

Ukrainian PM Vows Nation Won't Be Divided

Terminator gets crow for his statements about going "Left"

Is Kwanzaa a phony holiday??? One black minister is speaking out and says its an attempt take out out the Christmas holiday and then some. The then some part is what worries me.


A Jew says Merry Christmas. That would be Jeff Jacoby

Matt Towery talks about the 'fair' tax.

Jack Kemp takes us back to a Christmas past 1776 to be exact and how it effects us as a country today...MUST READ!!!

Rick Lowry has his take on the death of Bobbie Jo Stinnett. DISCLAMER...I support A woman's right to choose to be a mother or not, and yes that includes Abortion

Doug Bandow says even a judge picked by Bush himself can cause problems to curb illegals in our country. MUST READ!!!!

Cal Thomas brings up the issue of women in combat in the present time

Punishing drugmaker for doing good things??? Doug Bandow says you bet. MUST READ!!!

My token lefty piece this time around is from Laura Flanders who avocates privatizing our "National Security." Meaning an element of our milltary...maybe we should leave Social Security the way it is.

Holiday Lyric Line

Outside under the purple sky
Diamonds in the snow sparkle
Our hearts were singing
It felt like christmastime
This was Chrisse Hynde's contribution to the holiday season. An original Christmas song called "2000 Miles." Hynde fronts the Pretenders and it seems that she is the only true member of the group. She also recorded her own version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" as well.

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