Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Vision of a Woman President of the United States

Their is a new TV show that critics are in aww over. That show is "Commander in Chief" in which America gets its first female President played by Geena Davis.

USA Today's Robert Bianco says the show will be more about Davis character and the personal and public issues she faces rather than what goes behind the scenes in politics in which "The West Wing" is known for. TV Guide agrees and calls it a slick drama.

However this love for this TV show I think hides another agenda for the entertainment elite. They would like a woman president the Real World. Allthough Davis's character will be a Independent she will butt heads with a male Republican. If this show lasts, will she be a lefty? Likely.

Don't get me wrong, I would not mind a female in the Oval Office. However I would like someone that is the Margaret Thatcher type, rather than the Evita Peron type. Guess which the entertainment elites wants? If you said the Thatcher type then I have a bridge to sell you, and I think you know were it is. If we get a Thatcher type, this woman will be ignored big time by not only the Entertainment elites, but the major news media, and liberals at large.

Yep they truly want the Evita Peron, and Hillary Rodham Clinton fits the profile.

Don't Cry for Me Washington D.C.

Lovers of Freedom, Be on Guard


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