Wednesday, November 30, 2005

FOX Shuffles its Schedule as its Dilemmas become Easy to reslove More/Less

Prison Break which has become a hit for the FOX Network this fall will stay on Monday nights and will serve as a lead in to 24 when Break returns on March 13. Bones moves to Wednesdays.

As with last year, the first two hours of 24 Season 5 will be aired on Sunday night January 15, 2006; and then hours three and four on Monday night. After that you get an hour of Celebs Ice Skating before we see Bad Day Number 5 for Jack Bauer. The question is how will he be able to clear himself with China?

That 70's Show and Stacked will move to Thursday nights and the respected sitcoms replace Reunion which is being canned by FOX. 70's is ending its run but Stacked may be headed towards the sitcom graveyard.

American Idol (I like to call it American Karaoke) will still have its programs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The first half both days will be an hour long and in the 7/8 Time slot. The Ensemble Number/Results/Elimation show on Wed will move to the 9/10 slot. As for myself I shall stick with Lost.

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