Sunday, November 27, 2005

X Marks The Spot

I held off on talking about the big X over Vice President Dick Cheney face on the CNN network.

Well Matt Drudge has called CNN's bluff and once again the "Progressive/Liberal/Left" Media has egg on their face. I am sure he is enjoying himself right now. As I blog this he is doing his weekly Sunday Night raido talk program

Telling someone that if you don't like what CNN is doing watch something is like telling them to watch the FOX News Channel.

Yea all you leftys love to pick on FOX News. You say that it lies and distorts the truth, and that only you enlightened leftys are the honest folk.

If you so honest then why can't you admit that your socialists and that socialism is cool. Why can't you admit that Castro and Saddam were missunderstood men. Why can't you admit that you thought the Soviet Union was a great utopia.

Cause if you did people would see that Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz) and the like are not voices and advocates of Liberty and Freedom, but rather voices and advocates of enslavement while they buy votes and empower themselves.

Click for story from Drudge Report


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