Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Christmas!!!!

Here are the final lyric lines. (Not Quite)

And so, I’m offering this Simple phrase to kids from One to ninety-two
Altho’ it’s been said many times Many ways; “Merry Christmas to you.”
The Christmas Song--Mel Torme

I wish you a hopeful Christmas, I wish you a brave New Year,
All anguish, pain and sadness,Leave your heart and let your road be clear.
They said there'd be snow at Christmas,They said there'd be peace on Earth,
Hallelujah! Noel! be it Heaven or Hell, The Christmas we get we deserve."
I Believe in Father Christmas" written by Greg Lake/ Peter Sinfield and preformed by Greg Lake.

Oh and this year Christmas Day is also THE first night of those EIGHT CRAZY NIGHTS!!! You can blame that on the moon. Sooooooooooo

Osama bin Laden, not a big fan of the Jews. Well maybe that's because he lost a figure-skating match to gold medalist Sarah Hughes- her mama's Jewish.
The Chaunaka Song (part 3)--Adam Sandler

I decided to go with that line since Sarah Hughes is mechioned, because even if Hughes is not going to be at the Winter Games soon someone else will. I hear Michelle Kwan wants to try to get GOLD again. She along with someone else were the underdogs to Hughes.

As far as ObL we are still hoping that he does get ran over by a reindeer if not allready.

You know as much I love Adam Sandler's songs, I really am open to some honest Chaunaka Songs. Please E-Mail some and I might have extended Holiday Lyric line posts focusing on these Chaunaka songs.


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