Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ABC's Woes

ABC's "Commander In Chief" aka 'Madam President' is soon to return but on a new night. It will be on Thursday's at 9/10 moving "Primetime Live" to Friday temporally displacing sister newsmagazine 20/20.

Their is a problem and its really two problems. CBS's "Without A Trace" and NBC's "ER." Allthough the later has been slipping in the ratings ER is not in the cancelation zone just yet. If Trace and ER maintain their audiences especially in the 18-49 demo then kiss the "Get Hillary Elected" show will not be on the 2006-07 lineup. Chief as with related drama "The West (or Left) Wing" has attracted older audiences.

American Inventor is a far cry from everybody's favorate Karaoke/Singing contest its about to feel some pain. No more NCAA Basketball finals to protect them from CBS's top rated crime drama CSI.

Cue "Who Are You" from The Who.

ABC neverless hopes that Inventor will still pull in decent numbers to help Madam President. Someone should have told Geena Davis to lay off the facelifts. Just shows you once again these limo leftys act like the Primadonnas they are.

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P.S. Look for ABC to plug up the 8/9 slot on Tuesday as we soon see "Sons and Daughters" going to the TV graveyard. Not official yet, but soon it will be.


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