Wednesday, March 29, 2006

South Dakota: A Classic Example on Why I Don't Want to see "Roe vs. Wade" Overturned

I have not talked about the recent Anti-Abortion law that was recently passed in South Dakota. Their have been more pressing issues (and I need to deal with Anti-Smoking laws sometime) than this, but after skiming an opinion piece from Anti-Abortion activist Jill Stanek and some links she provided I needed to say something about this.

As you may know this anti-abortion law bans all abortion expect if the mother's life is in danger. No expections for rape or incest. Yea, yea love the baby and kill the father if he was the attacker (is one argument that I hear a lot), but who's life has changed and who now gets the challange? Yes the woman who got violated and was not quite ready to have a baby.

Is this law in South Dakota ment to challange Roe vs. Wade? You Bet Ya; make no mistake about that.

As always the Anti-Abortion activists like to remind us of how the mind of Margaret Sanger operated and how she hated the black people and the poor, and use that to justify their stance on trying to control the mind and soul of women. Unlike most Abortion Rights activists, I don't try to play the "feel sorry for the poor" card. We have had legal abortion for over 20 years and still we have people facing uphill battles money wise. I deal with the Individual Liberties of women living in this country.

Their is a group of certain men that are afraid of women that are smarter and sometimes stronger than they are, and should a woman becomes pregnant they think they should be able to control that woman for nine months of her life. They really think that this is the last resort for the men to have some control on the "fairer sex." Believe me when I say there are certain men that do think this way more/less, and yet these men will never experience the joy and pain of pregnancy. Does that stop those who oppose Abortion??? No way cause they are more motovated by their religion if anything. More often than not this issue of Abortion is driven by religious belief and not be rational and common sense thinking. The time is not right for the states to handle the issue of Abortion. They still don't get it.

Now I don't have a problem with Pregnancy Centers that offer alternatives to abortion, but at the same time I will respect a woman's decision to choose to be a Mother or NOT to be a Mother. Sanger is truly right on the money about a woman not being truly "free" unless she has that choice of motherhood, and yes that includes the choice to terminate a pregnacy.

If both sides want to really show their compassion towards women, they would reach out (if given a chance) to a woman who made the choice to have an abortion. Yes they do have scars, but its up to individual people to reach out to them. It is not the job of government to protect them from making "mistakes."

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