Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Immigration Rallys

Glenn Beck had the right ideal about three countries becoming MEXmerica-Canada. A caller or one of Beck's Back Watches (Call Screener, Producer etc etc) had even a better ideal. MexiCanada, since socialists HATE America So So much and love a countries that embraces socialist ideals, and make no mistake Mexico and Canada still embrace socialism.

However my favorate talker and Beck's direct rival Neal Boortz (due to the fact he does his show live at the same time Beck does) had some great commentary in his Nealz Nuze about the immigration rallys, and in spite of missing a few episodes of this season's '24' he is still warning you about what the Illegal Immigration rallys are all about; and man our beloved nation is truly in danger. Never mind the living things that might be in the water's of Florida. The real alien "Invasion" is happening NOW, and its coming from south of the border.

Oh and guess who made apperances at some of the major ones. Major Democrats who want to stay in power.

Here is Neal's comments about the Invasion and then some...

No problem with Mexicans looking for work here in the States. JUST DO IT LEGALLY!!!!

If only more people could figure out that socialism is killing Mexico, Europe and then some. If the limo leftys of Mexico would accually let the free market do its job in Mexico then WE WOULD NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!!!

OK now you enjoy the next round of 'American Karaoke.' Tonight we shall find out how the wanabee pop stars handle the songs of the Rock-Opera band 'Queen.' I shall check out the recap at Zap2it.com thank you very much...maybe not but I do like Funniest Moments since NCIS is a repeat tonight. Dad might still watch that one.

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