Monday, April 10, 2006

Some Recommended Readings

Jacques Chirac is going to replace Fire The Youth Law. The biggest winners will be old fogies who know they can get away with slacking on the job. The losers will be the young people trying to get work. Sorry kids but if want to keep a job you have to work hard at it, but not in France so it seems.

Hugo Chavez is off his rocker again. Thanks for nothing Jimmy Carter...but you love Commies and I understand that. Wish someone would put Jimmy in a padded cell.

From the 'Get Over It Department.' About 200+ Gay Famlies are expected to come for the White House Easter Egg Roll, even if Social Righies pitch a fit.

Two stories regarding The Kerry's interview on NBC's Meet The Press

Don't Strike Iran. Lets just Talk it Over...Yet another Reason why I am Glad this is man is not our President.

Does Kerry feel guilty of accepting money??? He says so but He is who he IS!!!

Ben Alflack aka Mr. Jennifer Gardner says Bush needs to be Hung aka The Noose.. Can't wait to see if the two can get any 'New' work soon. The final episodes of Miss Gardner's cult series "Alias" began next week.

Time for Cynthia McKinney to go home??? You Wish, I Wish, and so does Star Parker. Will that happen.....Nooooooooo!!!!

Brain Phillips recaps yesterdsay's 'Sunday Morning Idiot TV News Talk Shows.'

Token Lefty Piece by Ellen Ranter. Bush to go down as the GOP Jimmy Carter??? Not if W Bush starts enabling Commies like Jimmy Carter does


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