Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Predictions on the Renewals

Keep in mind that does not include 'Pepper Dennis' (WB) or 'What About Brian' (ABC). Last night Pepper had its first airing but Brian has yet to air so these shows I will not deal with.

ABC's Bubble List

Commander in Chief
Hope & Faith
Sons & Daughters
The Evidence

My safe bet is that none will get a renewal. Chief has too much behind the scenes turmoil and Freddie and H&F are not runaway hits. For the record H&F is in its third season, and being canceled will not make the show a money maker or a show that will be remembered. ABC picking up Scrubs from rival NBC could boot one of above out of ABC's prime lineup this fall. ABC remains committed to the show Sons & Daughters (maybe becuase of its semi-scripted) as of this post but 4 million viewers is very likely to tell ABC that its not a keeper. The Evidence has the right ideal but maybe not the right cast members, writing, and settings but that's my opinion. With NBC's Law & Order returning to its cozy 9/10 slot it will not help ABC at all regarding making The Evidence a keeper.


CBS's Bubble List

Close To Home
Out of Practice
The King of Queens

'Close to Home' and 'King of Queens' will both be renewed. Home might have slipped on recent Fridays but last week it had better numbers slightly than its lead in 'Ghost Whisper.' Home earned better ratings in Friday night 8/9 slot than it did in the 9/10 slot on Tuesday when it started out. Queens is on the bubble cause Kevin James ('The King') wants a new contract and more money per episode. He will get that deal and Queens will go on at least for one more year. 'Out of Practice' has proved that it can't stand out on its own and only did well because 'Two and Half Men' was a lead in. Practice is going, going, OUT!!!


NBC's Bubble List


Scrubs will likely get a 6th season but maybe not on NBC. NBC however will fight hard and will keep Scrubs at the Peacock and keep it from The Mouse Broadcasting Company (ABC is owned by Disney) in spite the fact that Scrubs is owned by The Mouse (via the Touchstone imprint). The others are too new and too early to tell, but I think Teachers might get a second season.


FOX's Bubble List

Bernie Mac
Free Ride
The Loop

Bernie Mac got a few close calls but Mac is at a point in which their are enough episodes for the daily syndication strip (Monday-Friday). None of the shows will get renewed.


The CW's Bubble List (WB, UPN)

Half and Half
One on One
One Tree Hill
Veronica Mars

Six shows and which ones should The CW take aboard? Its very cloudy right now but I say The CW will take the following: Reba, Everwood, Half and Half, One Tree Hill and maybe just maybe Veronica Mars.

Those are my predictions. We shall see who stays.

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