Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tuesday Morning Readings

For years the obsession of income disparities or wealth envy has been the norm. Thomas Sowell shows why its a dangerous obsession. The middle class is truly suffering, and the Dems will continue to lie about what truly needs to be done. Just wait and see, as they try to Suck Us Dry.

To parphase Mudhoney's fuzz song Democrats 'can't breathe' until they suck us dry. Buckle up people cause 2007 is going to be interesting.

This Christmas we lost the Godfather of Soul

What in the heck are Virtual Laws??? Phyllis Schlafly tells us and why you are being Cheated by such laws. In short their is a law but nothing is being enforced.

The Biggest Story of our time is our own self-destruction. Mark Steyn keeps sounding the alarm on this.

While Charles Dickens may have presented Business Men as Bitter and greddy, Nathan Tabor shows that the leftys are the real scrooges.


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