Monday, March 05, 2007

The Midseason Predictions

A followup on my Midseason Post. The Link is these words. Don't know what I am talking about??? Click that link and go to the links in that post.

CBS: Well not much to say but that 'Old Christine' is not the ratings getter as 'Rules of Engagement' is and Engagement is a better fit with 'Two and a Half Men.' The last seven episodes of 'King of Queens' being sandwitched between Men and 'CSI: Miami' is great sendoff for the veteran sitcom.

Regarding Old Christine: Seinfeld curse lifted??? We all might have spoken too soon. CAUTION: 'Dancing With the Stars' Season four ahead and 'How I Met Your Mother along with 'Old Christine' will be in its line of fire. So will NBC's 'Deal or No Deal.'

ABC: If they can't have football anymore then how about 'Dancing With the Stars?' Better than what they have on now Monday nights. ABC needs some payback with FOX stilling going strong with 'American Idol.' I can's see any of the replacement Scripted shows making it into the next season.

Why bring back 'Six Degrees' guys. Does this have to do with J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot outfit. How about burning off 'The Nine.' 'Traveler' sounds like a 'Prison Break' copycat more/less.

FOX: Way to many misfires in the early season and I just don't see another live action sitcom attempt on Sunday nights doing well. What might save 'The Winner' is the Seth McFarelane connection (Family Guy, American Dad). 'Drive' is iffie and 'The Wedding Bells' is on Fridays...Wish your success. Overnight results for Sunday nights in just a few minutes. Even if Winner does well this week...The weeks to come will tell.

NBC: The replacment show that I think will make it is 'Thank God You're Here.' They have ways to go.

The CW: The show in which one young lady will win a spot in the pop group 'Pussycat Dolls' should do as well as 'America's Next Top Model.' Problem is how can you keep a show like that going???


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