Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Readings

George Will talks about the dangers of making DC a state. Does show that the Dems want to stay in power and suck us dry. They really don't want fairness; they want it unfair. This is what Power Hungry Socialists do.

Robert Novak talks about the new budget that the Dems came up with. The biggest tax increase in history, and Kent Conrad thinks the time is ripe for that to happen. Read on.

Don't worry if this should come to pass the Democrats truly do care about the hard working people of this nation. You sweat and they still can live the good life with lots of money to burn. Now tell me who thinks YOUR stupid.

Their were no terroists in Iraq until we came in. Victor Davis Hanson says otherwise.

William F. Buckley talks about John Edwards plan for Free Health Care. Somebody has to pay for it however.

Ann Coulter says the Republicans should stop saying sorry and reminds us that the President can fire political appointees anytime he wants and for no reason.


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