Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday Readings

The Hillary 1984 Twist is very Popular regardless of who created and appoved the ad.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

John Edwards says global warming is an international emergency. What to do??? Put caps on greenhouses and call for a new global warming treaty. His mansion? Edwards says it's "carbon neutral." Just like Al Gore's????

John Stossel says the media likes scaring us and that WE enjoy it.

Ed Koch goes after Nicholas Kristof for his anti-Israel stance. The Palestinians have created their own "suffering."

Ben Shapiro says the GOP must reject Liberalism lite and advocate for Personal Freedom. The Democrats are quite honest and better at promoting The Nanny State.

Burt Prelutsky gives his reasons for not voting for Obama...and The Democratic Party in general.

Michaelle Malkin talks about the left's witch hunt against Gun Owners.

Part 1 of an interview Focus on the Family's Citizenlink did with Tom DeLay. Says the left is using tactics similar to those in Communist Russia and the like. People you better understand that Democrats love Communism and you better understand that NOW!!!

ABC Wins Monday with 'Dancing with the Stars.' Monday nights are really heating up. ABC would be wise in making Monday Nights a long term home for the Celebrity Dance contest.


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