Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Cally may the next state to make same sex marriage legal

Judge Richard Kramer of the San Francisco County Superior Court made the ruling yesterday that withholding marriage licenses from Gays and Lesbians is considered discrimination that the state can no longer justify.

I am not someone that supports same sex marriage, but for those who call themselves Pro-Family and say that same sex marriage will destroy the family unit as well know it, need to first of all take a look at the entertainment business and how those airheads can keep a marriage together...NOT!!!! Latest example would be Brad & Jennifer.

Also it has been reported that many Christians went through divorce as well. You’re not helping your cause either.

Second how will a GAY marriage effect YOUR heterosexual marriage????

Answer: It will not affect it in one way.

Also until someone can offer evidence in some way that Gay Marriage will affect our freedom and liberty in some way (and please don't bring up Pastor Fred Phelps) I am not going to hit the panic button.

As for you people in the Gay Community, I hope you find someone and stick with the person for long time. Otherwise you making a mockery of your own same sex marriages.

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