Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The 2005 Fall TV Lineup: Geena Davis can play the President of the United States...So Far

I only say that because its just the first show, and I just don't cork the bottle just yet. However the family version of the Amazing Race on CBS seems to be losing intrest, and that may not help "Close to Home" which premieres next week. Boston Legal benefited from "Commander in Chief." Chief got a 10.9 share while Legal got 8.5 behind NBC's Law & Order: SVU. This are just the overnight numbers the final numbers will be out next week.

Meanwhile FOX's "House" tends to be a good show for the numbers for the network, and My Name is Earl has a chance of being a keeper for NBC. The americanzed Office is soon to be shut down. The Office was orignally a Britcom and as with Fawlty Towers the writers (Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant) of that show knew when to quit and they did.

If the Amazing Race is truly losing intrest than I would suggest that CBS give the show Numb3rs a trial run on Tuesdays inbetween NCIS and Closer To Home. Numb3rs has proved it call hold an audience on Fridays, and a night of Crime Dramas would not be such a bad thing to stay in the ratings game.

I lied about not saying anything until shows got the shaft.


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