Friday, September 30, 2005

Thoughts on Tom Delay, Bill Bennett and More

If its one thing about Tom Delay, the Democrats see him as a threat to their agenda. Now if your the Democrats you would do what you can to find some great dirt on this guy. That way you can bring this up to the American people to prove that he is a bad guy and needs to be taken out.

The mainline media which has poven beyond resonable doubt to be an unoffical extension of the Democratic Party sees this story that as truly "newsworthy." Doing what they can to help the Democrats regain power in our goverment they will hammer "The Hammer" until he is weaken or destroyed, and in the process create a week spot in the Republican Party so that finally the people will see the error in these ways and vote Democrat cause the Dems are all about "the working folk."

Even if the Dems score a victory on this, it may not give them the outcome they want.

Ronnie Earl who is the Plaintive in this case regarding Tom Delay, has proven to be a hack for the Democrats. Awhile back Earl made an attempt to take out Kay Bailey Hutcheson before she ran for the U.S. Senate, and even after she won Earl wanted to stick it to her or so the story goes. His indictments did not hold water, Earl lost this battle, and Hutcheson gets to serve our country as a U.S. Senator.

One little thing the boys and girls at CBS News don't want to know about Earl is that their main guy (or used to be) Dan Rather along with his daughter Robin made constant appearences at fund raisers for the Texas Democrats. Its also known that Robin Rather is an advocate for the Dems in the Lone Star state and also has been reported that she is very close to Earl. On top of that Robin funded Earl's reelection campaigns.

Bryon York of National Review also reports that Earl has this knack to trying to stick it to certain corporations. However the corporations bow down to Earl and settle out of court. These corporations promise to give a certain amount of money to projects and groups that Earl is supportive of. One of those groups is the Deliberative Democracy which is based on the campus of Stanford University. Corporations raised concerns about how Deliberative Democracy spends its money to promote an anti-corporate agenda while giving trial lawyers and Labor Unions a pass acting like those two can't do no wrong.

If Tom Delay is truly guily then he should be removed and rightfuly so. If any member of congress regardless of party is truly guilty of a crime then they need to go too. Sadly these days the Democrats have committed so many crimes aganist the American people but because the Democrats and their loyalists control so much, the crimes are sweeped under the rug and its business as usual. Unless they can trick the American People someway somehow, they will continue to lose support. They are going to have to do more than try to get a photograph of Delay hand cuffed...MUCH MORE!!!

One more thing; Austin, Texas not only the state captial but is also the liberal Mecca of Texas.

Now Bill Bennett made a statement that has made liberals go crazy. Using statics and a bestselling book titled "Freakonomics" Bennett said; "I do know that it’s true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down." Now according to those statics it is the black male who is the perpetrator in many crimes today.

Bennett by all means is anti-abortion, and would not advocate that black women abort their children if they happen to be male. If anyone was advocating abortion it was the author of Freakonomics and not Bennett. The Democrat thought police has been working overtime to force Bennett to appolgize for his remarks. Bennett would do better in clarifying in what he said, but other than that he does not need appolgize to anyone nor does he need The Red Nosed Senator to teach him about being sensitivity.

If anyone need to clean house its the race hustlers who for years have been telling the black men (and then some) that they are victims and that the white race is keeping them down. John Conyers a race hustler in Congress has called but Bennett to be suspended from his talk show. Conyers is very dangerous however as this profile shows at

Speaking of race hustlers, Jim Kouri has a piece on Charlie Rangel and how he defended a young drug pusher. For the record he came from a family that was financially well off, and the detective who arrested this man was one of the first African-American detectives in New York City. Keep the above two links in mind when you hear Rangel and Conyers snuggle up to Darth Fargo and the rest of the media leftys.



Blogger TS said...

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6:02 PM

Blogger Don McCullen said...

TS this is the third time you tried to sell me something via my blog.

Unless your got something to say about my post, please don't comment at all.

6:08 PM

Blogger jsmith said...

Yeah, Delay is a real saint. How many ethics violations is he being investigated for? Yeah, the more corrupt politicians we make excuses for, the better. Yeah America!! Let's go down the toliet. Yippee!!!
Let's see, Ronnie Earle is evil because he is a democrat. Delay is a saint because he is a republican. Right on! That makes soooo much sense.

10:45 PM

Blogger Don McCullen said...

JSmith, I could say the same thing of the Democrats. Because of the media that admits its loyal support of the Democratic Party, they think they can do no wrong and will cover up any misdeeds that they do.

I have never said that Delay was ssaint nor perfect. I said that he is affective and that is what scares the Dems.

Since perception is reality when it comes to the game of politics, the Dems will do what they can make Delay look bad. They may not be able to remove him from Congress but should he ever get handcuffed the Dems will take pictures and the "spin doctors" to do the rest.

Has anyone forgotten about drunken Ted Kennedy and living a woman to die in his car many years ago? His sins have been forgiven becuase he is a Democrat in good standing.

The Democrats in many eyes of the left are the saints of what is right and just. That is if you call taking the wealth from those who earn it and give it to those who have not and/or making everyone economically equal right and just.

Making everyone economically equal? That is the core believe of Socialism.

8:23 AM


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