Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Europe Pitches a fit over the Death of Tookie Williams

From the Pope to the socialists that run pretty much of Old Europe, they have come in one voice to condem Arnold Schwarzenegger for not comming through to save Tookie Williams life. Politicians in Austria have called for the removal of Schwarzenegger's name from a sports stadium in his hometown...whereever that is. Also Austria's Green Party which has an element of power in that respected country has called for stripping Schwarzenegger's citizenship. Well I don't think The Terminator is going let that bug him since he is an American Citizen these days.

The list goes and on goes and sadly Germany (not surprising) is part of the idiots who think Tookie should be kept alive.

Story from CTV in Canada

What is it with socialists and keeping guilty people alive? Maybe its because socialists do kill when it best fits their agenda. Communists like Joesph Stailn, and Fidel Castro have blood on the hands, just as much as that gang banger Tookie has.

Granted the Roman Catholic Church has been constant regarding life issues. Not only would they defend a scum bag like Williams but they also defended keeping a brain dead woman in Florida alive and now her husband is gunning for the Republicans who prevented him from allowing her to pass on into the other life.

This link will show you the victims of Tookie. WARNING THESE PICTURES ARE GRAPHIC!!!


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