Friday, December 09, 2005

Target Buckles Down

Well if the timing is right and if the money stops talking, then maybe you have to allow "Christmas."

When the customer talks companies listen or at least they should.

While I am no fan of Don Wildmon and his American Family Outlet, I have to commend them on convincing Target that Christmas is NOT a dirty word.

Now we shall see if the Bell Ringers return. Hey you don't Wal-Mart to reallly get the upper hand.

I do agree with Glenn Beck on said recently on his radio talk program that if you going to have all the holiday, DON'T EXCUDE CHRISTMAS!!! However we need to keep up the fight cause the American Communist Liberation Unit (aka ACLU) still has deep pockets and friends in high places.

Story from Citizen Link (Focus on the Family)

P.S. Neal Boortz wants to remind you that an elf dies every time you say Happy Holidays...Oops I think that includes blogging the words too. :)


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