Thursday, December 08, 2005

Howard Dean & John Kerry: Two of kind and an Open Letter to Ed Schultz (should he ever come across it)

Dean says the war is lost and Kerry says our troops are terrorizing Iraqis.

Hey Darth Fargo and Darth Pysci (The Sith of Talk Radio). The latter would be Ed's wife Wendy Schultz. If you want your boys and girls to reclam the securty blanket back from the GOP and submit all of us into your socialist vision of America. You really need to shut up these two guys. Other wise Druggie Rush and Slan Head will be proven right.

Be sure to pass this on to Steffy Miller, Lionel, Tommy Hartman, and Al Frankenstein.

Oh and Bushies number are up. Too bad for the media elites. Just because W makes bad mistakes does not mean good news for the Social Democrats and their lap dogs.

Love Bill Bennett's catch phrase. Alien Media Nation. (AMN)


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