Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Is Your Tax Money Supporting the AARP???!!!

According to an eight page report put out by the National Legal and Policy Center, the answer is YES!!!

You hear so much about the AARP and how they advocate for Senior Citizens but yet you may not know how far to the left they are, and this is not just about Social Securty reform.

AARP did not support the tax cuts passed by Reagan or W. Bush, and wanted to see Clarence Thomas "borked" but thankfully it didn't happen. With its love for Democrats and the left in general it is yet another bunch of left wing hacks, that the media in general (and not just the news media) convinced so many people that was just a great group to belong to.

If the Unions fail at helping the leftys get their securty blanket of power back, then the AARP might just do what the left has been craving for years. The AARP has even more members than the National Rifle Assocation.

Their is still hope however:

1. Membership in the AARP is declining.

2. Their are new senior groups that don't buy into the left wing agenda of the AARP, and accually promote a limited goverment agenda, plus they don't use your tax money. On the top of that they encorage younger people to join.

Their are two you might want to check out

USA Next (Formorly known as United Seniors Assocation: This has Art "Kids Say The Darnest Things" Linkletter as their spokesman.

NASCON (National Assocation for Senior Concerns: This group has the endorcements of Neal Boortz (my favorate radio talk host), Drew Bond of Townhall.com, and the host of the Original Hollywood Squares Peter Marshall.

Last and not least Click here to read the report to the National Legal and Policy Center's report on the AARP. Software that opens PDF files is required however.


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