Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kwanzaa: A holiday from the FBI????

The African American community celebrates its heritage and reinforces positive community values by observing Kwanza during the days between Christmas and New Year's.
Janet Brazill--'PC' Greetings (This complete article can be found at

Brazill is likely to know that Kwanzaa is a phony holiday made by a man who was racist at the core. Hey as long as it help forward her causes and I do agree with this woman when it come to allowing women to choose or reject motherhood (i.e. Abortion). However I have a gut felling that Brazill is likely to promote many socialist causes. Many I don't agree with.

As Mike Rosen points out in his piece.

That was the fabrication of Ron Karenga, a violent ex-con and Marxist black separatist who, in 1966, pulled the holiday out of thin air because he thought Christmas was too white (someone should have told him that Bing Crosby's immortal White Christmas refers to snow, not race). They've never heard of Kwanzaa in Africa. The vast majority of American blacks are Christians, and celebrate Christmas along with everyone else.

Ann Coulter who is not afraid to be blunt about her opinons has written a piece about Karenga and this Holiday called Kwanzaa, and says that The holiday is really for WHITE LIBERALS!!!!

Formor radio talker Ken Hamblin says it even better when he calls them "egg sucking dog liberals."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

what skin it is off your nose what other people choose to celebrate? how does it impact you? it doesn't!!!!!

12:48 PM

Blogger Don McCullen said...

To anonymous:

I am pointing out the roots of a holiday that was created by a Maxist Racist. This Kwanzaa holiday is not about Black Empowement, and I think many thinking black people do celebrate Christmas, maybe even both.

11:42 AM


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