Friday, December 02, 2005

Random Thoughts

Could Joe Lieberman have to do a Zell Miller sooner or later...more/less. Who knows but he may have too. In spite of him appearing on Darth Fargo's radio talk show and telling the audience were he sits on certain issues and were he agrees with his fellow Dems the war in Iraq for sure is not one issue that he agrees with. However as you know the Dems are stacked with socialists who have a bleeding heart to those who would oppress people since the believe that they are just missunderstood, and are just trying to make their countries better places for the common man that live their. Reality Check: These jerks kill people in the name of an classless society.

Story from ABC News

Commentary from Steve Muscatello about Joe L.

Why do certain leftys think that just because you served in our Armed Forces you get an exemption from criticism? Well the leftys are pitiching a fit about us rightys questioning the statements made by John Murtha who did serve during Vietnam War. Recently Murtha said that are Army is broken and worn out and predicts next year that America will pull out of Iraq. I agree with Rush Limbaugh that the Dems are playing an old card from the 1970's. Bottom line they are using the old playbood during Vietnam and thanks to them Vietnam is a socialist paradise...allthough its far from being a paradise. I also agree with the Godfather of Talk Radio that the Dems believe in defeat in order to gain power in our goverment. Should that happen the Dems may not be able to enjoy their "victory" for the terriorists will not stay on the island. They will commit many attacks on our own soil and will turn this into a religious theonomy under Islam.

Call Murtha's bluff and unlike certain "Project Managers" on Donald Trump's televised job interview program don't vote for Murtha's exemption. If we are able to fire Murtha we should do what we can to force him into retirement.

Story from the AP/Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

Neal Boortz has some great Nuze Today about what I talked about in my post. Plus thoughts on Wal-Mart (and why the Dems hates for the wrong reasons), and Bush's numbers going up.

Here is a lefty piece you might want to check out from The Nation's Jeremy Scahill. He defends the Middle Eastern News out called Al Jazeera. Hey as long as they make Bush look bad that is what is important right?

While The Nation is a fringe rag the left of center still is in control of the media. Fred Barnes talks about it.


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