Thursday, January 26, 2006

The CW (The soon to be former WB and UPN) Chief is going to have spring picnic...NOT!!!

Well a shoe in for sure according to her will be America's Next Top Model. Who else will make the cut? We need to see their Photos Please. In ANTM your still in the contest if you get a photo of yourself from Tyra Banks herself. Don't get one, your out of the game, and several shows from both UPN and The WB are not getting "photos" if you know what I mean.

Rick Porter from files this current report on The CW

Last week, Dawn Ostroff told a roomful of reporters that she was picking up two more cycles of "America's Next Top Model" for the 2006-07 season. Everyone assumed the show would be returning to UPN.
That changed, in a big way, on Tuesday (Jan. 24), when CBS Corp. and Warner Bros. Entertainment announced they would fold UPN and The WB at the end of this season and launch a new network, The CW, in the fall.

Ostroff, currently president of UPN, will run the new network, and she's bringing "Top Model" with her: "We're still committed to that and excited about it," she says.

So we know how at least one hour of The CW's prime-time schedule will look next season. We also know the new network will draw upon existing shows from both UPN and The WB to fill out much of the rest of its six-day, 13-hour primetime, but Ostroff can't say yet which shows will survive and where they'll go.
"We have a lot of work ahead of us," she says in an interview Wednesday, a day after being named to her new job. "We have to put together a schedule, and all that's going to come together by May," when The CW will formally unveil its lineup at its upfront presentation to advertisers. "We still have midseason to get through -- we want to see how some of the shows do that are midseason replacements, so we have a ways to go."

The announcement of the new network mentioned several current UPN and WB shows -- among them "Smallville," "Gilmore Girls" and "Everybody Hates Chris" -- by name, so those seem likely bets to make the cut at The CW. But most everything is up for discussion at this point.

That includes new shows as well. The CW will likely have some room for rookie shows next season, Ostroff says, and pilots being developed for either UPN or The WB -- including a Kevin Williamson ("Dawson's Creek") drama at the former and an Aquaman project from the "Smallville" team at The WB -- will get a look.

"I'm feverishly going to be reading The WB's development, which I haven't familiarized myself with yet," she says. "We'll obviously take the best material for what our needs are -- wherever it comes from, it's fine by us."

First among those needs will be shows that appeal to the elusive young-adult audience, which both UPN and The WB have chased for the 11 years each has been on the air, to varying degrees of success (neither network is currently profitable). CBS and Warner Bros. are hoping that by combining the best of each, viewers in the 18-34 demographic will make The CW a destination.

To accomplish that, Ostroff says the new network has to "create a really strong brand that speaks specifically to this audience, and ... communicate to them that now, instead of having to feel torn about which of these two places to go, they have one roof, one home to come to and hopefully make their own."

That, of course, is easier said than done, and it's what Ostroff and Co. will be trying to pull together in the four months or so between now and when The CW faces its upfront audience. Already, though, mock CW schedules are flying around online, and fans of "Gilmore Girls" and UPN's "Veronica Mars" are giddy at the thought of the two shows being paired in primetime on the network -- an idea CBS President and CEO Les Moonves floated at The CW's introductory press conference.

"Yeah, that is exciting, huh?" Ostroff says with a laugh. "That's a possibility."

Stay Tunned!!!!


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