Thursday, January 26, 2006

I normally don't comment about a plot from a TV Show But...

After watching last night's episode of Lost, Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) should look into joining "The Others." Cause now everyone on the island hates him now, and in a USA Today story his character is going to be the odd one out for the rest of the season.

I will not explain the whole story regarding what happened, but when you caught holding drugs and someone else swoops in and befriends a person your interested in, you know your a loser more/less.

So what can you do??? Plot your revenge against that person.

So here is the lesson people. Be perfect as much as possible, cause their are people in the real world who would love to distroy you. Look at how the Dems are going after Tom "The Hammer" Delay for one instance. Look how the Clintons want to distory those who get in their way. Look how lefty radio talkers try to distory Rush and Hannity and hope for something that can make the big kill. I don't know who is out to get Donald Trump but I bet ya he has to deal with someone that want to TRUMP him.

Also the need to be perfect will allow you to become the most popular person in whatever.

Also being perfect allows you to have a shot at finding the right woman to marry. Quarks in your personalty cuts down your chances. Believe me I know that one for sure.

So be perfect as possible, cause people can be very unforgiving and will likely use your downfall for their gain.

As for "Lost," you never know what is really going on with the castaways cause they all have their demons no matter how big or small.

I feel better now. This post goes out to all the outcasts and missunderstood people of the world, cause I am one of them.

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