Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Peacock (NBC) Closes "The Book Of Daniel"

Failling ratings, no advertisers, and that idot Donald Willdmon along with his American FAMILY Assocation takes credit for killing it.

Can these family values groups just admit that they are Christian Organzations for once??? Well they do but they had behind to term PRO-FAMILY Waaaaaaay Too Much!!! Just admit that your Pro-ShoveOurChristianValuesDownOnAmerica.

I am for the family myself. I want the government out of the family as much as possible. I don't think we need to control a woman's body just because a man injects his seed into her and forces her to bare a child. I agree with Neal Boortz that their are certain men that are afraid of women that are stronger and smarter than they are. I don't have this ideal that the woman's place is ONLY in the home. If the man can be a better mother then so so be it. I am not one of those people who wants to turn back to the clock and return to this 1950's Apple Pie Utopia that so many in the Christian Right miss. Its gone and it will never return. Time to get with the program and move on. Can you admit all of things???

Thank You Very Much.

Now am I defending this show called Book of Daniel? No from the previews it was something I would not care to watch, and a show that delberatly mocks people of faith is not my cup of tea, and once again lots of people tend to agree.

Movies and TV program that mock people of faith and their faith have proven to be BIG FAILURES!!!!

However as I said before, I take issue with the Christian Right when they try to force they beliefs on other people and expect to live under their rules of conduct. Their is more to it than a stupid TV Show.

Story from Newsmax.com


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