Saturday, January 21, 2006

One Week and its Gone

"Emily's Reasons Why Not" that is.

Was a new sitcom for ABC's Monday night lineup, but they were going to week two weeks or so like other shows.

Got to love the 21st Century. You know one of the Alien Nation TV movies had something about a sitcom tanking and the show got canned midway through the first show. Did not let it finish.

One or Two weeks a show gets canned, but canceled middway through a show. I can see that coming down the road.

WOTAN (Doctor Who story "The War Machines" 1966), Big Brother (Don't have to tell about that one) call it what you want the computer may be rulling us if we are not careful.

Meanwhile ABC tries to save their beloved Bachelor/Bachelorite program. Tell you what, I am giving roses to Jack Bauer and the rest of the CTU gang (24), and none to the singles on ABC's program. I might give some to a few figure skaters and some hasbeens and maybe someone who is trying to make a break from prision.

Get the ideal? :)


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