Thursday, March 30, 2006

Congresswoman attacks a Capitol Hill Police Officer

If you have ever listened to Neal Boortz's syndcated talk show or read his program notes (Nealz Nuze) at his website and I do link those notes from time to time you may have heard of a Congresswoman from Georgia named Cynthia McKinney.

Yesterday a Capitol Hill Police Officer did not recognize McKinney and asked her to walk through a metal detector at the station he was overseening at the time. She refused to obey the officer's request and placed his hand on her shoulder just to get her attention and ask to go through the metal detector. Before the officer could make his request McKinney attacked the officer. It seems that if your in Congress everyone is to know who you are, and they get to walk around those metal detectors like it was their right and it really is. Well I guess everyone who McKinney is now after taking her stand which I would call shameful even if she does not.

You see McKinney is a woman, is black (or to be politically correct African-American), a Democrat, and a race hustler. She also proven to be anti-Semitic (and in bed with certain Muslims that might attack this country) and Cornell University's Peter Swartz said if McKinney was white and male, she would be another David Duke. Since that is not the case everything is OK. McKinney can play the 'I am black, I am Woman and I am a victim card'; and because she can play that 'card' she can be bitter and angry all the time and attack anyone that gets in her way.

McKinney is a member of a far left "Progressive" (read Socialist) group than also has in its membership Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey, Peter DeFazio, and Nancy Pelosi and was founded by Bernie Sanders (who is not in either the camps of the GOP or the Dems for the record) who is proud to call himself a socialist.

And Darth Fargo likes to tells us that Righty talk radio is losing ground and Progressive Talk is gaining ground. I hope what happned yesterday will remind you what kind of garbage the Democrats can be. They are truly a party that is power hungry and act above the law.

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