Monday, April 17, 2006

Many States Would Restrict Abortion Rights if R v. W was Overturned

I don't think the States are ready to have that power back. The states as a whole just can't respect a woman's choice regarding if she wants to be a mother or not.

As you know the big motivator in trying to restrict abortion is religious belief and the belief that God created everything and we must not interfere with God's creation, and that God put life into these mothers to be. I am not going to debate religion here but lets really find out who is vocal on restricting Abortion more. The women or the men.

If the women especially those who had children of their own are the ones that oppose abortion the most I can truly accept that. However if its the men who will never experience the pain of joys of being with child, who are in the majorty of restricting abortion; I can only say that these men want to have some certain power over the woman, and that's a problem.

Their was a time when the men could have so much control of a woman even to the point that they were treated as "Property." You better believe it, this thing called submission to the husband and the husband being the 'head of the house' was taken to an extreme. You really have to understand the times in which the Books of the Bible were written. Someone like Bob Enyart who believes that the Old Testment should apply in our day and age (and I do support Captial Punishment and Parental Rights make no mistake) and would remake this country into something would send a chill down the spine of our founders.

Granted the Pro-'Abortion Rights' (they are NOT Pro-Choice in many other areas) crowd is far from perfect. The anti-abortion activists like to point out certain doctors who try to intrap certain women who had a chance of heart and decided to go through the pregnancy and block them everyway so they can peform the abortion on them. I can believe that to a degree and if their is some truth in this then I say they are just as wrong as the anti-abortion crowd.

The decision of being a mother should left up to the individual woman the no one else should interfear with her choices including any 'change of heart' she makes including the Government. Say what you will about Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger but she is right the money when she said that women are not free unless they have the choice to be a mother or not, and yes that includes termination of her pregnancy. I wish Planned Parenthood would reflect on those words when the advocate 'forced abortions' in countries like China. Abortion Rights should be a two-way street, and sadly both sides just don't get it.

In a country that claims religion and feels that need to impose that belief on people and letting that belief trump all rational debate on certain issues we have a long way to go.

Story from USA Today


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