Sunday, April 16, 2006

Neal Young Calls for Impeaching Bush and other thoughts

I had a redneck schoolmate during the Community College years, and he was not afraid to call Neal Young an Communist. He even said on the radio station that was operated by the Community College. Well I don't need that redneck to tell me what he thinks of Neal Young these days.

Just Click here to read for yourself

The peacenicks have come out once again. Notice they said nothing when William Jefferson Clinton was in power, and very likely if Albert Gore or John "The Kerry" was in control these people would zip their lip.

Make no mistake these thing called Peace by these guys is very misleading. What it really is all about is forward America towards a socialist utopia as they look to many other countries that have embraced it especially many European Nations.

I don't have into a long groove about how the left wants us to pull out of Iraq and in process give America a black eye and praise the greatness of the Socialist Utopias in the world (by the way their houses built upon the sand are having a difficult time of standing firm but their trying to prove that Socialism will come out a winner) .

Note to the Generals: Rummy retiring???? NO WAY!!! Bush loves him to death and he must doing SOMETHING RIGHT in spite of comments made on our side by Jerry Doyle and Michael Savage. Love the guys but I think your wrong about Rummy, and the left is gasping for straws.


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