Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reality Special Series put in DEEP FREEZE!!!

The action was done at the last minute, so if your were watching NBC wating for 'Celebrity Cooking Showdown' and saw Will, Grace, and afterwards Earl instead, too bad.

Looks like another repeat airing of "Deal or No Deal" this Friday night.

We want to see everyday people try to beat 'The Banker' (DoND) or try to get a record deal while putting up with the Three Headed Monster (Simon, Paula, Randy) and their Monkey (Ryan Seacrest but he's cool) on 'American Karaoke' but nobody wants to watch the celebrities try to cook.

Ready for another Dance with the "stars?" Maybe we shall them see them ice skate again (Skating with Celebrities).

Until then read this from

One smart thing DoND can do. If you must have a Celebrity show, then pair them with the everyday contestants. They can advise the contestants on if they should take a deal and/or which suitcase to open. Extra help than usual you know. This pairing ideal is what "Wheel of Fortune" does these days, but they were smart too in early days in having one Celeb play aganist two everyday contestants in its NBC years.

Leaning towards Celebs also killed the network version of Millionare and the American version of "The Weakest Link." They don't tell you that part.


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