Friday, April 21, 2006

Some Recommended Readings

Oliver North takes on the Generals who want Rummy to leave. By the way Ollie is paying a visit to Vietnam and their beloved war museum.

Here is Charles Krauthammer's take on Generals that want Rummy to leave the media's double standards on the Milltary. Remember the left hates for the most part the Milltary. They are Pacifists at heart.

Cliff May takes on those who want the head of Rummy.

According to a Pew Poll, 53% says they want to vote the old guard in congress. Story from AP/Newsmax.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi??? The Socialist Feminists would love that, and this profile from can tell you what the expect from her. Not much but Pelosi is a die hard socialist. The GOP needs to stand up and grow a spine, I don't want this woman to be in the majorty.

Two Firefighter Assocations have endorced Hillary Clinton. The rank and file are nowere to be seen. These groups are also a Democrat's best friend meaning Assocations = UNIONS!!!!

George Reisman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute says that General Motors would have been better off fiscally if had not caved in to every demand to the United Auto Workers (UAW) Union. Do you that a element of these workers got paid for NO WORK at all??!! Its not just the auto workers unions but other union elements as well. Oh well the Psi-Corps is Mother, the Psi-Corps is Father. Oops we don't have a Psi-Corp just yet (Babylon 5), but we do have Unions that do think just like that fictional Psi-Corp. Here is the link again cause this piece is a MUST READ!!!! They truly lay the blame for GM woes at the feet of the UAW.

Yesterday I showed several quotes in a piece I wrote from several Mexican Activists that are fighting for Mexico by taking some land from us, and using the illegal invaders to accomplish this. I am not going into the spile about what was done in the past. What's done is done. Now read this piece from Joseph Farah. Some of those quotes I posted ALSO appear in Farah's piece.


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