Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Readings

We are approaching the 5th anniversary and we have forgoten.

We have returned back to the left vs. right ways, and its maganfied because of the left hatered of Bush and the bitters that Al Gore could not win (really its Steal) the 2000 election.

Don't think so these first readings will prove my point, especially with the upcoming mini-series about 9/11 that the ABC TV network will air.

The ClintonEasta are not happy with the 9/11 mini-series, and once a hack for the right now a Dem Hack David Brock says ABC is playing into the right's hands. Your new friend Billy Clinton had many chances to go after ObL had many chances to get the SOB...he proved many times that he did not have guts Mr. Brock.

Oh well your an advocate of the Democratic Party and you do to help them win gain and keep power, including cencoring us via the "Fairness Doctine" so that the Dems will never be challanged when they lie their heads off like they always do. Just take the money from those who work hard and use it to buy votes especially from those who don't and will NOT WORK!!!

Story from UPI and even the Sandy "Hamburgler" is not happy. Robble, Robble. The Hamburgler got away with it just because he was a lefty. Also Louise The Ripper out of the New York wants ABC to have a disclamer. Lousie The Ripper is also calling for the return for the Fairness Doctrine as well.

Brock, Burgler, and Louise the Ripper...all part of the 'New Nomenklatura.'

Hugh Hewitt says that Bush and Clinton get it in the mini-series. However the left is concerned about how Clinton is protrayed, and that is why they hate this mini-series.

Brent Bozell has his take on the mini-series, and points out the leftys who attack it NEVER WATCHED ONE BIT OF IT!!!!!

Not about the mini series but its among these pieces cause it does deal with 9/11 five year later. Cal Thomas has his 9/11 thoughts.

Union thinking at work, Secret CIA Prisions, Letting the Enemy in our country 11 Key things for the GOP to stay in power. This and more from Neal Boortz today.

Speaking of Neal Boortz, he says that the Republicans need to get out of the Christian Right's noose. Matt Towery proves Boortz's points as Towery shows that Republican voters rejected several "Christian" Candidates.

Suzanne Fields has thoughts about Rummy's World War II remarks and related thoughts. Good Read.

Leftist Billionare George Soros has set his Guns on American Judges. A MUST READ from William Rusher and shows the double standard when Judges go to seminars going to seminars that promote "Civil Rights" instead of "Property Rights" or promoting our Constitution.

Can't win an agrument with a righty???? Compare him or her to Hitler. That is what the president of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO recently did.

Paul Weyrich talks about the Congressional Challaenges, Ronald Reagan , the demise of the Soviet Union and why you will never see an Anti-Commie film from Hollywood. Hollywood Loves Commies you know.

George Will talks about Japan's welfare state crisis and how they will deal with it. Note they will continue to fund their welfare state.

Robert Novak looks at Bob Casey's proformance on NBC's Meet The Press and says he lost.

Did our mainstream media at large convert to Islam??? Craige McMillan thinks so.

The Joe Wilson/Plamegate was a media scandel from the start and Its Done. Ann Coulter explains. Try Again Leftys...You might be able to finally to stick it to Bush.

Larry Elder wonders about how the left's sudden admiration for Milltary Service. Guess what, the Milltary at large is not buying it.

Think Communism is dead??? Marian Tupy says its far from being dead. I Tend to Agree and I don't need to take his word for it.


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