Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Sorry about Steve Irwin, his lifestyle finally got to him. Neverless their more pressing issues.

Who pays Taxes, The Midterm Election, and Islamic Fascists. Todays comments from Neal Boortz.

Comments from Neal Yesterday. Read the Labor Day part cause it deal with Teacher's Unions.

Even as a Libertarian I do not like the recent "Gay Rights" law that was passed in Cally. Jennifer Roback Morse talks about that recent law and the person behind it also is spearheading a Socialist Medicine law.

Mike Adams is calling for the firing of a University President. Find out about Dennis the First Amendment Menace.

The left's hope of a new Watergate ala Valerie Plame have been crushed. Rowan Scarborough explains.

Bush advocating for 'Nuclear Power.' Right On...But the Envior Socialists are having nightmares now and will try to prevent this from becoming reality.

Don't underestmate Joe Biden. The Mason-Dixon line has moved. Paul Greenberg explains.

Speaking of Biden he and John Edwards have unkind words for Rummy. Edwards is talking about rasing the minimum wage to $7.50 an hour. They don't really care about the poor, just buying votes from these idiots. I should remind you that "Organized Labor" is a powerful money laundering machine for the Democratic Party.

Read the introduction from David Limbaugh's upcomming book "Bankrupt." Neverless the Democratic Party whom he targets could still win power, and try to erect the New Soviet Union.

Mark Steyn talks about the FOX Jounalists who converted to Islam to save their necks. Steyn says its not always the "Get our of Jail" free card.

Doug Powers denounces Tony Bennett's remarks about America having no Arts and Culture.


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