Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday Readings

Who would House Speaker Nancy Pelosi put in charge???? Find out and Don't vote Democrat.

Cal Thomas turns the tables on the left regarding the Bush remarks they make. It is not bad as they make it out to be.

The only different between the Soviet Union elite (or the nomenklatura) and Modern Day Lefties is that the Soviets used force and Guns. Thomas Sowell however points out to many things that they have in common and takes us on a trip to Northen Cally to make his point. MUST READ!!! History is truly repeating itself on this one.

Tony Blankley gives us a history on appeasement and gives his answer on if it will work with Islamo Facsists. I think we know the answer excepet for the utopia leftys.

How ignorant can certain Lefty Journalists be to certain people. Take a look at the exchange between NBC's David Gregory and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. Its not a Democratic argument....Please the media has been loyal to the Democratic party.

Here is the transcript that President George W. Bush gave to the Military Officers Association of America in Washington, D.C. Very good points and that make this a MUST READ!!! Heard some of it on Hugh Hewitt's talk show last night while on lunch break.

Matt Drudge presents a letter to Dingy Harry Reid from Josh Bolten.

The only issue that will save the GOP from going into the minority is the Immgration Issue. Patrick Buchanan explains.

What if Discrimnation can truly be outlawed??? Thoughts on this by Walter Williams.

Is America In Empire now??? Ben Shapiro says yes and its a GOOD THING!!!!

Michelle Malkin presents a Post 9/11 Vocabulary Test. MUST READ!!!

The Real World Mallard Fillmore (John Stossel) takes on Busy Body Politicians and crazy laws they propose and pass. Yes their are CRAZY LAWS!!!

Burt Prelutsky says "Jhaid This."

The Democrats 'War on Poverty' is been poven to be a failure. Jerome Corsi and Kenneth Blackwell prove that Ronald Reagan was right on money about this back in 1988.


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