Saturday, November 25, 2006

Saturday Readings

The Nealz (Boortz) Nuze posts of this week

November 20

November 21

Novermber 22

John Murtha would have been Democratic House Majority leader if certain people had it their way. The Union Leader says Nancy Pelosi starts off tanted and the Dems avoided disastrous beginning of their majority status.

Star Parker talks about Michael Richards and that racism will be alive and well as long as their is Evil. Let me tell you; Evil Never Dies.

They may admire Jesus but Joseph Farah warns that Muslims still Rape and Kill Christians.

George Soros wants the EU to scrap its plan to form a constitution and embrace an Open Global Society.

Thank You very Much Al Assad for NOTHING!!!! No Peace in the Middle East.

First their were Liberals in Your Bed. Now Hollywood is in your Hamper. Katharine DeBrecht pens another book to counter the Pop Culture. Help Mom!!!

Senate Democrats Demand Classified Data reletated to the Dentintion of Terror Suspects. Their 'Civil Liberties' will soon be granted and the rest of us will pay the price for this action.

N.Y. Times: Block Phone Records Review.

Draft Condi Rice for President??? According to a recent poll maybe we should.


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