Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Readings

Matt Towery talks about Nancy Pelosi and how he predicted many years ago that she would be a great leader in the Democratic Party.

William Rusher took a cruse recentlty with National Review and had to put with CNN since FOX News was not an option. So he wrote this piece on how CNN overblows the Iraqi casualty lists. Hey soon we will pull and everything will be right with the least with dictators and terrorists which the Old Media seems to show its support for.

Alan Reynolds goes over his letters from Milton Friedman

When it comes to the Minimum Wage people are just not educated about what it REALLY IS!!! Hey if you go to the Government School what do you expect??? William F. Buckley educates his readers about the Myths of the Minimum Wage and the MW World that does not exist.

Larry Elder has no kind words for a Firefighter who played the race card in order win a $2.7 Million settlement.

Ann Coulter has her toughts on the Muslims removed from a flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix.

Michael Yousef talks about how the Islamo-Facists are imtimadating everyone in the West including the Pope and how might be the end of the West as we know it.


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