Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wedensday Readings

Leftys love to tell us to look to Old Europe for what they 'do' for their people. Walter Williams agrees but warns not to follow their ways.

Michelle Malkin says the elite media here in our country should be thankful for what they can get away with here. Without "Freedom of the Press" they would be in big trouble.

People should be thankful for the removal of six muslims from a commerical plane. Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists all Muslims. This is not a contrdictive statement. Brush up on your history. Ibrahim Hooper a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says we would love to see America under Islamic Law. Don't let the CAIR crowd intimdate YOU!!!

Were is Neal Boortz??? Someone on his team is not putting up the pointers so I can use that to create the links here. I will put up the links at a later time. This happens from time to time so if you like Boortz bare with me.

Can't wait???

You hear a lot about Barack Obama. You see him as a happy postive Democrat presenting a postitve vision for America. He is not what you see on TV. Ben Shapiro uses his own book aganist him to show that he is yet another Far Hard Lefty.

Not everyone is happy about News Corp's desision to back away from OJ book and TV program. Charles Krauthammer is one of those people and says the ourage is misplaced. He makes some very good points.

George H.W. Bush Challenges Son's Critics. He did in the UAB.

Radley Bilko reports on the real reason why DC is getting crowded


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