Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday Morning Readings

Thomas Sowell talks about the recent book put out by Arthur C. Brooks in which it states that Conservatives are more giving than the Liberals. Let me add one in for ya. Liberals think with a Nanny State Government. They are giving allready and don't need to give more.

Cal Thomas warns that Earmark Spending (i.e. PORK) will continue under a Democratic Congress.

David Limbaugh has his How To Piece regarding attempting to reunite the conservative base
. For starters the GOP needs to be serious about Taxes and truly Limited Government.

Brigitte Gabriel has called Rick Warren an enabler and defender of evil. People you better learn everything you can about Islamo-Facisism cause Warren does not know Jack.

On a related subject Dennis Prager has his thoughts about the first Open Muslim in our new Democratic Led Congress and his plan to swear on the Koran. Prager states that Jewish People, Mormons and those with no Religion swore on the Holy Bible and that Keith Ellison should be made to do the same. Multiculturalism run amok...Indeed and like Europe we are being Invaded Big Time. Ellison stance if he gets away with it will be another tear in our culture. Its the left that is dividing people in hope they can conqure it. However it may be someone else that does it.

William Rusher takes a look at the 'new policy' on Iraq.


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