Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday Readings

Today is Gerald Ford's service...Here are several pieces about Ford.

Pat Buchanan

Fred Barnes

John J. Miller

Jonah Goldberg

Mike Rosen features liberal lowlights via the Media Research Center of 2006.

The Media is going after Tom Tancredo for his third world remarks regarding Miami. Dave Kopel presents the other side of Kopel that the media does not want you to know about. This is in regards to U.S.-Taiwan relations.

If its one thing the media is trying to do is to make America lose another war. Melanie Morgan keeps up this fight aganist media bias aganist the war.

One thing the Dems will do regarding the Iraq War is try to Reason and all That Jazz. David Limbaugh says they can't grasp the fact that their is an Evil nature in our enemy.

Could the U.S. finally turn its back on Israel??? Hal Lindsey has his thoughts and warns that his God might give us Hell to pay should we side with those who would distory Israel. I do support Israel for the record even if I don't agree with everything that Lindsey says.

The Envior always had a love for Socialism I wonder how long it took for Ilana Mercer to figure this out or the reincrantion as she discribes it.

Joseph Farah revisits The Hamburgler's Story


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