Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Readings

One thing about that Thomas Sowell likes (I am just guessing but I am not far off) is that he can do LONG PIECES!!! Part 3 of Dangerous Obsession

Donald Lambro talks about Clinton (Hilldabeast that is) and Obama and their left records. Race to center to win, but true Democratic centrists are moved aside. Look at the voting records of a candidates. That can tell you who they reall are.

Was Kwanzaa a holiday invented by the FBI??? Ann Coulter has intresting thoughts on this. The FBI's intent was to weaken the far left. Guess that did not work.

Dingy Harry truly fits Mr. Reid. Then again I would not attend Hillary's service after the time her number comes up either. Politics is very fun to watch. Yea he busy, but Me and Drudge think its a snub.

William Rusher just can't see Obama in the Oval office

Larry Elder shows off his Hate Mail.

Colorado is going to feel Snowpains again. Mother Nature, God, etc is getting their kicks in dumping More Snow on Colorado.

Judy Garland may forever be connected with the song "Over the Rainbow," and the first you think of when you mention the song. Yet many others (known and unknown) who have covered it seem to have done it with more feeling. Its True!!! Celtic Woman's version of the song is NO Exception. The Song of the 20th Century...Indeed!!!

So that know Celtic Woman's 2nd Year Around project "A New Journey" CD and DVD comes out of the last day of January.


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