Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Readings

The white man appentlty is afraid of being called a racist for standing up to the 'racist' blacks. Jessie Lee Peterson wonder if their will ever be anglo that will stand up to them.

Is Special Treatment and Socialism the real cause of Racism??? Star Parker says Yes and it needs to be ended. She also wonders why the News Media can't see this.

As a private company Target does not need to have the Salvation Army Bell Ringers at their front doors. Joseph Farah has been doing his best not to shop their not just because of that, but also the fact that Target hass been selling Che Guevara shirts and Jewel Cases. One has to wonder what is the Engima with Guevara and his appeal to Youthful Idiots.

Let see what is going on in Canada. It seems according to Ted Byfield that Anti-Americanism is making a comeback but that could backfire.

David Limbaugh goes after Democratic Senator Bill Nelson for an Unauthorized meeting with Syrian's President and reminds us that our Constution places our foreign policy in the executive branch. This is NO TIME FOR DESENT!!! Yet the Democratic Party is doing just that, and that might bring America's Distruction. I hope you all understood what the conquences were when you gave the Dems a slight upper hand.

John Kerry says he learned some much from his recent visit to Iraq. RIGHT!!!

Newt Gingrich says the GOP needs a new Campaign. With Barack Obama on the Rise I tend to agree. This guy has the Chrisma to win the Oval Office and Republicans are in aww. Voter Beware.

John Edwards you can now add on the Democratic Side for the race to the White House.

Ed Koch an d Alfonse D’Amato warns NOT to Underestmate Hillary.

Time's Person of the year is: YOU!!!


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