Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday Readings

The Wall Street Journal calls the Minneapolis Flying Muslims their bluff. Think you fooled us again??? NO!!!

Probes dismiss their racism claim

After WWII American would become the loser afterwards especailly in Vietnam???? Ben Shapiro has his thoughts and one of them is to NOT ignore Demo Trends just because it does not fit in with the multiculturalism concepts.

Michelle Malkin talks about Gwyneth Paltrow's remarks about our Country.

Walter Williams looks at some ideals of the recently desesed Milton Friedman that might have been forgotten.

Good News their will Never Be a Clinton in the Oval Office. The Bad News is you can still have a RODHAM!!!! Hillary's TRUE Colors for all to see will show should she go down in history. She played Bill just as much as he played her.

Cherokee County, Georgia has passed ordinance making English the official language of the Country. Expect the American Communist Liberation Unit aka the ACLU to fight this, cause this includes going after landlords who rent out to illegals.


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