Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Readings

Star Parker talks about the politics of cynicism regarding the Democrats attempt to keep Social Security is it is intact and one of them claim that the Reagan era is over. I don't think so but it must get worse before it gets better I am afraid.

Their was a sales slump but as always the media inflates everything. Pat Boone says the slump is not as bad as reported.

Violent protesters disrupt Tancredo event. Once again the hard college leftys prove who truly acts like children and show who the inntolerant ones are.

A new movement against radical Islam? One of them created the Reagan Doctine which brought the down the 'Evil Empire' aka The Soviet Union.

Their is now a 'Help Mom' book for the Christmas Season and it takes aim at the enlightened 9th Circuit Court.

The Peanut Farmer is at it again. He wants Iran and Syria in the Iraq Conference, so that the dicators can once again get the upper hand. You count on Jimmy Carter to make sure that Freedom loses.


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