Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tuesday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Herman Cain looks at the current roster of leaders who want the Oval Office. However he says we need someone to lead and not just someone who can play the game.

Is Hillary Clinton in trouble???

Republican Opposition to Iraq Plan Grows. Now the media is using the RINO's to their advantage.

Lynn Cheney has a piece calling out the Democrats for their cowardliness regarding Iraq. She says that Americans don't want us to lose even if they don't like the war is being handled at the moment.

Why do certain corporate executives make tons of money??? Thomas Sowell explains that companies are willing to pay these leaders a certain amount of money. A Great economics lesson for today!!!! Sorry Neal it is Great.

Yet some people want the government to step in and pay them less so we can feel better about ourselves and know that their closer to the pay we have...Populism Strikes again.

If your to go after Hillary...Cal Thomas warns she will make herself a victim. The Clinton's know how to play the game and they play dirty. Know how to counter her and maybe we can't prevent THIS woman from being the first President of the United States. Hillary is not Maggie Thatcher.

Its nice to know that Castro has to take the poison pill that he forced his own people to take. Joseph Farrah explains.

Rest In Pieces Castro

David Limbaugh calls the Democrats lightweights on the war on terror.

Did you know that liberal Mario Cuomo opposed the 'Fairness Doctrine?' That and other thoughts about this 'doctrine' from Les Kinsolving.

Milton Freeman's final interview.

Mary Jo Anderson talks about the power of the Blogspheire.


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