Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Readings

David Limbaugh warns of the UN-Fairness Doctrine. Hey David You forgot about us Bloggers...Were Likely next. The mainline media will be exempt since they help liberals. The goal is not balance but liberal mindset domination.

Best Quote from the above piece

To them, the liberal viewpoint is objectively correct – the only proper way to view the world – and the conservative one, aberrant and reality-challenged, not even deserving of First Amendment protection. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, but not much.

Look at how leftist TV Producer Norman Lear used 'All The Family' to make lovers of freedom look like uneducated fools (slight exaggeration?). He though that America was moving towards his way of thinking. When Jimmy Carter was replaced by Ronald Reagan, Lear knew that his ideals were under attack and thus 'People for the American Way' was born. How about Socialist or Communist way Mr. Lear?

A Classic exsample of the mainline media helping liberals or in this case Toasting Them. None other than ABC's Charlie Gibson. To them the Left and their agenda is mainstream, so they are NOT TAGGED as leftys.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

CAIR is mad at FOX and the hit drama '24' once again. By the way CAIR would like to see America under Islamic Law.

Melanie Morgan talks about combating the self-loathing left. They want us to LOSE in Iraq. If America loses...SOCIALISM WINS!!! Now you know why the left wants us to lose.

The Kerry has a Good Ideal for once and Newsmax is on it. Probe Pentagon sales to Iran. Don't let this go over your head. We will still be on your rear.

Hugo Chavez is one step closer to becoming a Dictator.


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